Nutrition Counseling by Alyssa Snow Callahan, MS RD

Nutrition Counseling

First, we can connect on the phone or over email to see if we are the right fit.  If you decide to move forward, we will meet one-on-one for one hour to discuss YOU - your goals, your struggles, and what you need to be successful to reach your goals.  Then we can meet as frequently as we decide together to stay on track and for me to provide you with enough support. 

Please note: I offer online appointments through a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software (when clinically appropriate) as well as in-person appointments at my office in Redondo Beach.

My Approach


When working together, we will set goals together and I can provide you the support and nutrition expertise in helping you reach these health goals for yourself and/or your family members.  I want you to leave my office feeling informed and empowered so you can take the next steps.

I believe in the philosophy of Intuitive Eating, which encourages us to follow our inner wisdom, get in touch with our hunger and fullness cues, honor our cravings and our bodies, and apply medical nutrition therapy to fit our lifestyles and medical conditions.  As a Health at Every Size dietitian, I encourage my patients to love and respect their bodies - regardless of size, weight, or BMI.  Both of these approaches are based on the idea that crash diets and yo-yo dieting often leave us feeling frustrated, confused, and disappointed - when it is the diets that are failing us, and not the other way around.  I do not believe in dieting, so I do not recommend restrictive diets or rigid meal plans.  I want to work with you to achieve your goals for yourself and/or your family to live healthy lives with no food stress.